Senior Partners

Keith A. Rhodes

A trusted technologist with over 30 years of experience in applied research and development in the public and private sectors as well as academia. His professional experience includes service in the US Legislative Branch and federal agencies, including the US DoE Laboratory Complex. He has demonstrated exemplary performance in delivering specific customer defined products and services for more than three decades. He has demonstrated experience providing advice regarding the appropriateness of technologies selected, conceptual and formal design, operational approach, and whether the final contracting supplier adhered to Customer-approved requirements in building solutions.

James Stanley, Ph.D.

Over 25 years of experience as a Strategic Engineering Leader with success in technology, engineering operations and process engineering applied to Large Scale Software Systems, Wireless Communications, and Military Applications. Specialized competency in RF, antenna, EMC, communication, RADAR, intelligent and knowledge management systems both system development as well as modeling and simulation. Specifically, he has developed multiple complex sensing and monitoring systems with advanced controllers with a variety of sensing systems including Fiber Optic Sensing System, flight computer systems (hardware and software) and handheld GPS location devices and has recently moved to Deep Learning techniques.

Michael A. Judith

Possesses over 35 years of Corporate and Entrepreneurial experience. Entrepreneurial endeavors have included launching companies in power generation, commercial building development, and actively participating at the executive level with numerous technology companies. Specializes in commercialization aspects of idea/lab-based technologies to viable, scalable technologies with extensive experience managing Government contracts for small business, intellectual properties, and process manufacturing. Serves on the Board of Trustees of the National Small Business Associations. Served 14 years as an Officer in the US Naval Reserves and has an Engineering background in Steam Systems and Nuclear Engineering.